Hamish & Andy Release First Episode Of New Podcast Series

Hamish & Andy Release First Episode Of New Podcast Series

After a long and lonely summer, Hamish Blake and Andy Lee are back, with the first episode of their brand new weekly podcast now available on PodcastOne.

Hamish & Andy is a podcast that began its life as a band of three men, travelling from village to village in the 1700s, asking locals to gather round to listen as they discussed big issues of the times and provided light refreshments.

The advent of the internet saw the podcast’s audience skyrocket, and now that we’re well into the 2000s, the podcast is heard in dozens of countries worldwide, although due to logistical reasons, the listeners must now provide light refreshments for themselves.

But seriously, Hamish & Andy fans will be able to hear them whenever and wherever they want in Australia, with the boys set to produce two series of 40 podcasts over the next two years. They will also be available in the US via PodcastOne.

PodcastOne Australia’s Grant Tothill said: “We’re excited and delighted that Hamish & Andy have joined PodcastOne. Fans will be able to continue to get the Hamish & Andy podcast they’ve loved so much over many years.

“With their podcast series also being published in the USA on PodcastOne and available on both PodcastOne and Hamish & Andy apps in Australia together with iTunes, we are confident Hamish and Andy will continue to grow their audience not only in Australia, but also internationally.”

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