Law Firm Logan Law Partners With goa

Law Firm Logan Law Partners With goa

Brisbane law firm Logan Law has partnered with Queensland out-of-home provider goa to produce a daring campaign that has ruffled feathers in the legal community.

When Logan Law first partnered with goa, they were faced with a challenge: how does a business advertise what it does – when it’s not allowed to advertise what it does?

The best tie-in to their service in the personal injury industry was “no win no fee” which implies personal injury law but personal injury firms can’t be seen as inciting people to make claims against their insurance.

goa’s solution? Gain enough attention with your creative so that your target audience want to research your business further. The worst thing advertisers can do in out-of-home is to simply put a business card on a billboard.

Logan Law knew its target market, geographical hot spots and already had an active social media presence with a vocal audience. goa tailored a creative message to speak directly to their audience, in their language and showcased Logan Law’s authentic personality and culture.

What resulted was a tongue-in-cheek slogan campaign which has created engagement beyond all expectations.

Nigel Munt, managing law clerk of Logan Law, said, “when we first ran with “Been rear ended lately?” on goa’s M1 highway site and shared it on our social media it went viral…it had never been done before. Our campaign now has a life of its own people are actively looking out for what we are going to say next.”

Logan Law is experiencing significant growth and has increased their staff from 5 to 40 in just 8 months. They are now taking on the big players in the heart of Brisbane City. “The success of the goa campaign has not only let us connect with our target market, but it’s also put us on the map in the big leagues,” Nigel commented.


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