George Clooney: If You’re Famous And On Twitter You’re A Moron

during the Adobe Summit 2016 event inside the Venetian on Wednesday, March 23, 2016, in Las Vegas. (Photo by Jeff Bottari/AP Images for Adobe)

George Clooney set hearts aflutter in the 10,000 strong crowd at the Adobe Summit in Las Vegas overnight where he said: “I think anyone who’s famous is a moron if they’re on Twitter.”

He then said that given the social media loving audience he was addressing: “This could end up being like a Trump rally.” And requested protection from the secret service.

In a light hearted interview with Adobe’s CMO Ann Lewnes, Clooney clarified his social media position: “If you’re well known there’s only a downside for social media. I don’t have to try and control my own narrative. I can do an interview and control my own narrative.

“I can get in a lot of trouble [on Twitter]. Let’s just say I’m at home and I’m watching TV and I have a couple of drinks and I’m like erh hmmpff fuck that guy!

“Then you go to sleep and you wake up and you turn on Twitter and it’s like oops there’s 5 billion people going fuck you!”

He singled out Ashton Kutcher, Russell Crowe, Susan Boyle and Gilbert Godfrey for doing stupid things on Twitter.

When challenged that you don’t have to do “stupid things” on Twitter, Clooney replied that: “You can’t help it and I’m certainly capable of it”.

He also pointed out that people were so obsessed with their phones and capturing the moment that they often missed it. “We’re living our lives through this [waving his phone]. You go to an event and go to shake someone’s hand and they thrust their phone out at you.”

Clooney also said that he nearly single-handedly destroyed the Batman franchise and that a good practical joke can take up to six years to play out, citing his and Brad Pitt’s long-running competition to destroy each other’s careers.

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