Foxtel Launches Hubbl Merging Free TV, 18 Apps, Netflix & Steps Into The Consumer Appliance Game

Foxtel Launches Hubbl Merging Free TV, 18 Apps, Netflix & Steps Into The Consumer Appliance Game

Foxtel last night launched its latest foray into the ever-expanding TV market on the shores of Sydney Harbour with the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House as a backdrop.

Aiming to salve growing consumer frustration and confusion over ever-expanding subscription offerings and their management, Hubbl promises to be a one-stop shop for consumers to both consume and manage their subscriptions as well as watch free-to-air TV, the Internet (including YouTube) and other BVOD offerings. Hubbl is also going into the TV selling business with the launch of Hubbl Glass, which will be available in Harvey Norman stores.

Perhaps most remarkable on the night was those in attendance. The usual News and Foxtel suspects along with media agency folk of course, but Nine, Seven, Paramount, Apple, Google were all there too as they will all feature in the Hubbl ecosystem.

Setting the scene at the launch, which was a star-studded affair, Foxtel CEO Patrick Delaney said we were now so spoilt for choice, we spent more time looking for something to watch rather than actually watching something. Here’s a little of what he had to say.

“You go back, our minds were blown when subscription TV came in. Twenty channels was fantastic, but then it blew out to a hundred. Free-to-air started with five and in 2008, went to 16, and now a mind boggling, 30. But more recently, with streaming, our minds have been atomised by the vast array of high quality streaming service from Australia and around the world. Things have changed. And all the while the sheer quality of the production and the volume and the amount of money that’s being spent.

“Ten years ago, Hollywood would produce 50 original series. Last year, Hollywood produced 500. And you multiply that by all the series in the world that’s being produced in a renaissance here in Australia, of volume and production. You add our trusted news and our loved sport, and it’s an explosion of choice. But with that choice comes complexity.

“We all used to pop home, plop ourselves on the couch, watch a couple of hours of Telly. Get a load of this: The research now says that we waste 22 days a year looking for something to watch. And what’s driving that is not the apps. The apps are unreal, the search and the layouts fantastic. It’s that we’re all using multiple apps, free and paid, multiple sources of channels and the Internet.

“We’re forever going in and out of apps. We’re plugging in inputs to our Telly. It’s hard to keep track of the shows, find things, keep up with the apps. Which ones am I paying for? What am I subscribed to? We’re completely overwhelmed. We’re frustrated, and we’re confused. It’s all around the world. The truth is that being entertained just isn’t that easy anymore.

“So we took on the gigantic challenge of fusing free and paid TV and streaming and the Internet into one single experience. Make it easy to navigate and track millions of entertainment choices. Make it easy to watch free TV channels without a second remote, and maybe not even without an aerial. Make it easy to track the bigger shows you hear about. We all hear about them, right? But also track the ones when you’re browsing and you come across something, and make sure that you don’t forget them and you continue to watch them.

“And what about this? Stack the apps up and save money, the more you have. We wanted to create the single most important piece of consumer tech. While streaming Hubbl will change the living room and Australian TV, it’ll literally make content that you want, faster, cheaper and easier . . .”

The evening was hosted by Hamish and Andy and a cavalcade of stars graced the stage at various times showing a united video front.

Below is Foxtel’s release from the night detailing where Hubbl can be bought as well as the new TVs, which come with Hubbl as the default browser . . .

Australia’s newest transformative TV technology, Hubbl, will be available in Harvey Norman and JB Hi Fi retail stores nationally and via

Hubbl is a world-leading entertainment operating system and experience that fuses the best local and global content including premium entertainment and sports, video on demand (VOD), live channels and the internet into a world class user interface.

Hubbl is available as a small device that plugs into any compatible TV. The only way to make the Hubbl experience better is with Hubbl Glass – the new lifestyle TV for tech lovers offering 4K Ultra HD Quantum Dot Display with 8.2 million pixels, hands-free voice control to find content at your command, six powerful speakers built-in for 360° Dolby Atmos surround sound, and only requiring an internet connection and a power cord, no other wires and no aerial.

Les Wigan, Managing Director of Hubbl, says, “Hubbl stands out from the pack by offering live TV without an aerial, seamless subscription management at the touch of a button, more discoverability and personalisation as well as allowing customers to stack up to five eligible streaming apps and save up to $15 per month on their subscriptions. With the major free and paid apps available on Hubbl and more to come, there is nothing like the world of entertainment it unlocks.”

Dani Simpson, Executive Director of Hubbl, says, “Hubbl is a unique product that simplifies the TV and streaming experience so you can spend less time searching for something to watch and more time enjoying the content you love.

“We’re proud to partner with leading retailers Harvey Norman and JB Hi Fi to help us reach customers in-store right across the country in addition to having our own digital shopfront at”

Hubbl is powered by one universal remote with voice control that will allow you to find apps or channels, search for content, control playback, change settings and more. The universal remote also comes equipped with select app buttons at the top to navigate straight to Kayo Sports, BINGE and Netflix as well as a Watchlist (+) button to seamlessly add content you want to watch later to your own personalised profile.

Pricing and product details:

Hubbl and Hubbl Glass will be available via will be available at $99 (AUD)
Hubbl Glass will be available in two sizes and five colours (Anthracite Black, Ocean Blue, Racing Green, Dusky Pink and Ceramic White)
Hubbl Glass 55” will be available at $1,595 (AUD)
Hubbl Glass 65” will be available at $1,995 (AUD)
Hubbl does not require a monthly subscription – separate app subscriptions are required

Hubbl will be available at Harvey Norman and JB Hi Fi stores nationwide. Hubbl Glass will be available exclusively at Harvey Norman.

On-sale date for Hubbl will be announced soon.

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