Former 30 Under 30 Winner David Halter Is Here To Inspire Your Application

Former 30 Under 30 Winner David Halter Is Here To Inspire Your Application

You’ve got to hurry! Entries to B&T’s 30 Under 30 Awards presented by Vevo close this Friday at 5pm. There’s no time to waste!

And if you’ve sat around with your hands in your pockets for so long because you’ve felt a bit uninspired, then we’ve got exactly what you need.

The wise words of David Halter, who won a 30 Under 30 award back in 2013, are here to inspire you for your application.

Halter was the digital planning director at Clemenger BBDO when he snagged his win and now he’s the chief strategy and growth officer at Dentsu International. Talk about a promotion!

Read on for the motivation you need.

B&T: What category did you apply for? 

David Halter: So long ago… I think it was digital back when digital was a thing!

B&T: What inspired you to apply?

DH: My boss at the time (Al Crawford) suggested it, very nice of you Al!

B&T: In the short term, how did winning the award impact your career? 

DH: It was a great confidence booster, to be honest. I think at that stage of my career I was looking for signs that my work and thinking were of a high quality, so the B&T award helped validate that.

B&T: How did it impact your career long-term? 

DH: It helped from a networking point of view just to connect and get to know the other winners. I think it also helped grow my profile in front of clients who seem to follow the winners.

B&T: Have you applied for any adland awards since 30 Under 30? If so, how did your experience with 30 Under 30 influence this?

DH: Yes a few, and I think the importance of references and other people’s views of my work and leadership style became very important to me.

B&T: What’s something you particularly like about how adland has changed over the past decade? 

DH: It’s no longer just adland. It’s techland, productland, experienceland, contentland, socialgoodland, dataprivacyland. A whole bunch of new people and perspectives have entered the industry. We just hired a documentary filmmaker, for example, fascinating perspective to bring to ‘adland’.

B&T: Where does adland still have room for improvement? 

DH: I think it’s pretty good fun! The most fun though is when big, compelling, business-changing ideas are at the centre of what we do. Always need more of that.

B&T: What message do you have for this year’s entrants? 

Please reply to my LinkedIn message if you win.

Get started on your entry HERE, as the deadline for submissions (Friday, 27 January 2023) will be here before you know it. You can download the criteria for each category HERE.

However, you MUST be under the age of 30 on the day of the event (Wednesday 29 March) to be in the running. So, be sure to include your ID and profile photo with your entry.

Oh, and please save your entry in a Word doc in case so many of you jump onto the awards portal that it crashes. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

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