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Flashdancing Cleaning Ad Already Frontrunner For Ad Of The Year!

Flashdancing Cleaning Ad Already Frontrunner For Ad Of The Year!

Targeting stay-at-home mums with cleaning products is so last year; now it’s all about zoning in on men getting dirty in their respective lines of work.

Cue Cillit Bang’s new ad for its various cleaning products, and dancer Daniel Cloud Campos in his role as the mechanic.

Cloud is tasked with handling the grotty workplace, and with a swift adjustment of his earphones, proceeds to dance like he’s never danced before, all the while cleaning the grimy walls, floors and ceilings of the garage.

The ad takes a heavy dose of inspiration from the 80s hit flick Flashdance, and incorporates the unbelievably catchy tune ‘Maniac’ to make sure it’ll be stuck in your head all day – and hopefully leaving it there until you find yourself perusing the cleaning aisle at Woollies.

BETC Paris is the agency behind the spot, and per AdWeek, chief creative officer and president Stéphane Xiberras said they were given the idea from spending countless hours watching people singing while cleaning their homes on YouTube.

“We thought that was funny, as people always complain that cleaning is such a chore, but actually we sometimes find it rather satisfying,” he said.

The cleaning brand called the ad a kind of ‘cleantertainment’ and used the tagline of ‘Almost makes cleaning exciting’, if that helps you get in the mood to scrub your house senseless this weekend.

And for the record, Cloud apparently did 90 per cent of all the dance moves and stunts (*cough* unlike a certain Jessica Beals in Flashdance *cough*), including that ridiculous move on the tyre, which was actually a pilates ball.


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