Five Things You’ll Gain By Attending Bootcamp

Five Things You’ll Gain By Attending Bootcamp

B&T Bootcamp is coming up fast, and is a great place to start propelling your career with mentoring and masterclasses to ~boot~. Get it?

You’ll learn from real industry professionals with real success stories – and attendees will leave completely inspired and ready to be leaders. But how could you not, after taking inspiration from the educational masterclass speakers and experienced mentors?

Well, the event is less than two weeks away, so grab tickets here while they last!

The event will combine the best parts of the Women in Media Forum and Towards 2030 so that you’ll walk away better, smarter and ready to be more successful than ever. Sound good?

Good. Here are five things you’ll take from Bootcamp – all of which will help propel your career.

Emotional skills

Did you know that emotional skills can be more useful in business than functional, widely taught skills?

Most businesses invest heavily in training their staff in the functional aspects of their job but teaching skills relating to emotions like purpose, negotiation and resilience are often neglected. And it’s these skills that retain and win business.

At B&T’ Bootcamp, you’ll learn about emotional skills and how to use them for their careers, through a combination of speed networking, group mentoring and masterclasses.



Some good ol’ fashioned mentoring can make a career – especially when it’s from complete industry powerhouses (like our mentors at Bootcamp).

Luckily, there’s an event that’s been specifically made for this, with half the day dedicated to mentoring. That’s right folks, its the B&T Bootcamp!

A new mindset

If you don’t know what you like about your job, how are you supposed to excel at it?

Many people just go into auto pilot during the length of their careers, and wonder why they may not be completely satisfied and why they don’t enjoy their work. Taking the time to articulate and understand your why and values can be an experience that can transform your career and how you view it.

Kate Chaffer is the Director of Culture Zone and in her masterclass on purpose and values, you will have the opportunity to articulate your why, what is really important to you and use that to guide your career choices in a fulfilling, pro-active and empowering way.

Valuable advice

Gaining valuable advice and guidance from a CEO or head of agency will propel your career – and prepare you to be a future leader.

And who better to pick the brain of than an industry executive? At Bootcamp, attendees will be able to ask the mentors any kind of questions they want – and will receive insightful and inspiring advice in return.

New Connections

This one’s pretty obvious. Speed networking AND speed mentoring? You’ll have a whole bunch of connections in no time.

Except, unlike other networking events, at Bootcamp you’ll be networking with the best and brightest in your industry as well as industry powerhouses. So these connections will definitely give your career a push.

Come forth, future leaders! The event will take place on Tuesday 20 March at The Portside Centre in Sydney.

To find out more about the B&T Bootcamp, click here, and to secure your spot, click here!


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