Fitness Selfies Make Millennials Feel Like Sh*t

Fitness Selfies Make Millennials Feel Like Sh*t

turns out Millennials aren’t getting inspired by #fitspo, they’re getting super stressed out by seeing other people’s fitness selfies.

A study commissioned by health and wellness company Technogym, titled “The Wellness Deficit: Millennials and Health in America”, found that Instagram selfies of models working out is actually not motivating.

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Join my FIT Family & become fit & healthy together! – Click the link in my profile! ~ If you really want to make a change with yourself – your health, fitness and your mind then you have to expect that you’ll need to work hard, that it’s not going to be easy and that you won’t necessarily get any results for quite some time. We start something because the idea of it at the time sounds great or it might be a dream of ours and we really do want to make a positive change…but then when we realise how much commitment and hard work it’s going to take to get there we try to talk ourselves out of doing it by telling ourselves that it’s not possible. Things like: “I’m not seeing results so there’s no point continuing” and “I’m never going to reach my goal so I may as well not bother trying.” – I’m guilty of it at times too! I even whinge to my partner Dec and say things like: “Why isn’t my butt growing? Why aren’t I getting leaner?” “Why aren’t I growing muscle?” bla bla bla… Just because you can’t see any changes doesn’t mean they’re not happening and you’re not progressing. I even have beautiful ladies who do my FIT programs post their progress photos in my forum saying they can’t see any changes when the changes are drastic, we can all see HUGE changes and yet they can’t see them themselves! – Sometimes you just can’t trust your own eyes, they play tricks on us and we’re always the hardest on ourselves. Stay consistent and trust the process and don’t give up before you actually start getting results! These things take time – if it was easy everyone would be doing it. Just think, the harder you have to work for your goals the more you’ll appreciate achieving them! ☺️ . @emilyskyefitness . Leggings: @ryderwear . . #emilyskye #emilyskyefit #makeachange #goals #commitment #consistency

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Many Millennials are not feeling so #fitspo as they would like. Many attributed their so-called “wellness deficit” to concerns about the way they look, while others cited stresses over money and health.

Gym selfies are not improving millennials’ sense of wellness. Sixty-two per cent of millennials “believe the trend of posting fitness selfies on social media puts unrealistic pressure on young people.” The study found that fitness selfies are “further compounding their self-consciousness around body image.”

This isn’t the first study to find that peoples’ social media photos actually make us feel worse about ourselves. A 2012 study commissioned by Anxiety UK found that regular social media users tended to negatively compare themselves to others, and in turn experienced unpleasant behavioral changes.


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