Aussie Film Asks ‘How Far Would You Go To Get A Million Views?’

Aussie Film Asks ‘How Far Would You Go To Get A Million Views?’

Ad Nauseam is an independent Sydney feature set in the world of viral advertising and branded content. It asks the question, how far would you go to get a million views?

Writen and directed by Nikos Andronicos, the film explores where “art” ends and “ads” begin.

If you’re game, watch the trailer here. Warning: beware the gratuitous penis shot.

The film is due for digital local release later this month after picking up the Best Foreign Feature award at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival and going on to ink a limited theatrical/cable/VOD distribution in North America with Continuum Pictures and ComCast’s XFINITY channel.

Andronicos raised much of the production budget by working for the hipster ad agencies lampooned in the film.

“I’ve worked as a busy voiceover artist for many years, as well as a viral ad producer, TV writer and director. So I guess you could say this is an “insiders’ view” of that part of the industry.”

He added: “Some people have assumed the film is a crazy exaggeration of the ad industry but it’s not far from being a straight-up documentary. I almost pitched it to Australian Story.”


It features cameos from the Bondi Hipster Nick Boshier as well as comedians Sam Simmons and Heath Franklin.

Andronicos recently directed Crazy Bastards for ABC TV and presented the SBS documentary series Greeks of the Sea. He describes Ad Nauseam as “like an extended episode of The Young Ones, filmed on the set of The Gruen Transfer and catered by Sir Les Paterson”.

Ad Nauseam will be available to rent or buy on iTunes Australia from Friday 21 November.

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