Disparity Between Brands, Blogs And Advertising Rates

Disparity Between Brands, Blogs And Advertising Rates

There’s a cloud of mystery in the Australian blogging industry about blog advertising rates.

Bloggers are unsure how to set them, and on the flip side in an industry with no established guidelines, are brands just as much in the dark? Blogger Connect launched a poll to help dispel this confusion, and the results to date are surprising.

We asked bloggers how many unique views they had before they started advertising, and brands what the minimum unique views a blog needs before they will advertise with them.

Blogger Connect Poll Unique Views

60% of brands are willing to work with blogs who have unique views from 1000 to 3000. However, 45% bloggers believe they need from 3000 to 5000+ to start advertising. Additionally, we asked brands whether they consider engagement levels in conjunction with unique views, and 79% responded with yes.

We also asked bloggers if they had 5000 unique views, how much they would charge for a sponsored post. Equally we asked brands what the most they would be prepared to pay for a sponsored post on a blog with 5000 unique views.

Only 17% of bloggers would charge $300+, whilst 57% of brands are prepared to pay this. 32% of bloggers charge between $200 and $300, with only 9% of brands indicating they would pay that as a maximum. 51% of bloggers are charging less than $200, whilst 33% of brands are only willing to pay this much.

Blogger Connect Poll Advertising Rates

Gaynor Alder from Blogger Connect says, “The poll results to date indicate there’s a disparity between brands and blogs when it comes to advertising rates. This isn’t surprising when brands and blogs are trying to keep up with each other in such a rapidly evolving, digital landscape.

“What bloggers may find surprising is that brands are not just looking at vanity metrics, but also have engagement levels firmly on their radar. They seem to be understanding the value proposition of working with smaller bloggers who have engaged audiences, thus blogs with strong communities may not need as many unique views as they think before considering charging for advertising.”

To further drive this research Blogger Connect is welcoming blogs, PRs and brands to continue to vote in the poll over on the Blogger Connect blog www.bloggerconnect.com.au

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