Coronation Property Rebrands With Frost*Collective

Coronation Property Rebrands With Frost*Collective

Frost*collective has announced the launch of the new brand created for Coronation Property Co. using in-house expertise from Frost Design and Nest.

The strategic brand project comes as Coronation reinforces its status in the industry as a progressive and independent developer whose mission it is to improve people’s lives by strengthening communities and nurturing lifestyles.

Commenting on the project, Emma Stone, client service director, Frost*Design said, “The desire to focus on people and the notion of genuine communities is an overarching theme that drives the brand.

“Coronation wants to inspire a sense of something better. Subtle design details such as the ‘C’ in the brand logo hugging the ‘O’ symbolises the caring nature of the company and is a visual reminder that the brand aims to be approachable, inclusive and welcoming.”

The idea of creating communities provided a solid creative direction across all brand deliverables which include a brand manifesto, brand logo, marketing and corporate assets, brand video and the website.

“There’s enormous satisfaction working with a brand that has genuine interest in, and proactively communicates its values,” Stone added.

“Coronation is one such brand that understands the market’s evolving dynamics and is being smart about how it’s engaging with its audience, where and why.”

“We set out to be bold, confident, positive and inclusive,” said Joe Nahas, director, Coronation. “We wanted these qualities to be borne out more distinctly across our communications and to convey our belief, as developers, that we can deliver something better to the market.

“Frost*collective’s creative solution does just that, both clearly and consistently.”

As a key selling tool, property websites are an important customer touch point. Nest, part of Frost*collective, was challenged to create a website that could present the newly defined brand values. An important and key brand asset is the creation of a dynamic video to articulate the brand’s values using storytelling. This is viewable on the website and will be used for Coronations marketing needs.

Martin Hoegh-Guldburg, head of Nest said, “First and foremost the new site is informative and easy to use. We’ve focused on bold, lifestyle visuals to create a clean and crisp aesthetic with a specific tone of voice. In line with the brand’s values we’ve pulled right back on copy and made people central to the brand’s dialogue.”

Joe Nahas, Coronation, added, “There’s been a shift in industry perceptions in favour of those who are investing in the future of Sydney’s suburbs and the people who make up these communities.

“We believe it’s important to be aspirational and to believe in something better”, concluded Nahas. “This empowers people to strive for lifestyles they’ve always hoped to have.”

Project credits

Ant Donovan – Group Creative Director, Frost*collective

Cat Burgess – Strategy Director, Frost*collective

Emma Stone – Client Service Director, Frost* Design

Ryan Atkinson – Design Director, Frost*Design

Alissa Prcevich – Account Executive, Frost* Design

Johnny Boardman – Designer, Frost* Design


Martin Hoegh-Guldberg – Head of Digital, Nest

Nathalie Cano – Producer, Nest

Zion Wu – Designer, Nest

Kieran Fowler – DOP

James Elgie – Editor

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