Columnist Apologises To 2GB’s Ben Fordham For Workplace Sexism Claim

Columnist Apologises To 2GB’s Ben Fordham For Workplace Sexism Claim

Provocative columnist and well-known feminist Clementine Ford has been forced to say sorry to 2GB radio host Ben Fordham after falsely accusing him of workplace sexism.

Following the recent appearance of Steve Price (Fordham’s 2GB colleague) on Ten’s The Project, Ford penned a spitefully critical opinion piece for Fairfax which implied Price did not have any women in regular slots on his radio show because of their annoying voices, according to

“It’s the same Ben Fordham who once invited me on his show to debate if women’s lack of equality in said hosting roles was because our voices are too annoying,” she wrote.

However, Ford has been left red-faced after Fordham revealed that it was in fact her, not him, who made this faux pas on his show in 2013, reported.

Ben Fordham

Pictured: 2GB’s Ben Fordham

“We went back through our archives and found the interview… at no time did I ever suggest anything like what Clementine Ford accused me of – not once in the lengthy interview,” Fordham told his program’s listeners yesterday.

“Someone did raise the argument that some people might find female voices annoying – it was Clementine Ford. She accused me of raising a point that she raised.”

Ford responded by correcting her story online and issued an apology to Fordham via Twitter.


However, the 2GB host called for a fresh Facebook post apologising for the offending update, and said he reserves the right to seek damage for Ford’s defamatory story.

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