Celebrate The Easter Break With These Egg-Cellent Easter Campaigns!

Celebrate The Easter Break With These Egg-Cellent Easter Campaigns!

Easter’s a key time for brands to get in on the vibe and up the sales, says SLI Systems head of marketing APAC Aparna Gray, and along with a few tips, she says Easter is the fifth biggest spending time in the year in the States.

And so in the spirit of Easter – and the fact we get four days off – we at B&T have trawled the interwebs to find some cracking Easter campaigns.


Who doesn’t love a giant chocolate hen laying a massive choccie egg?

Marks & Spencer

The British department store chain created a cheeky play on the ‘chicken and egg, who came first?’ conundrum.


Given it’s a chocolate brand, Cadbury gets all over this holiday each year.

Over in the UK, the company teased Scotland about its obsession with the Loch Ness Monster by placing giant eggs in Loch Ness.

cadbury loch ness

The chocolate brand has also previously had a BMX riding bunny, and another giant egg in Sydney.


McDonald’s and Cadbury

The chocolate brand and fast food chain teamed up to bring back the Cadbury Crème Egg McFlurry. If you had handle more than 50 grams of sugar at once, go for gold.



The British arm of ALDI has mocked Cadbury’s well-known ‘Gorilla’ ad for its Easter campaign this year.

Too, it spoofed Coke’s Diet Coke break.


Making your mouth salivate for the decadent chocolate, Lindt released this ad for its 2016 Easter campaign, all about the famous chocolate bunny.

What other ones have we missed? Let us know!

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