Case Study: Programmatic TV Wins Results For The Athlete’s Foot

Case Study: Programmatic TV Wins Results For The Athlete’s Foot

When The Athlete’s Foot wanted to raise awareness and sales for the Asics Nimbus shoe model during a three-week exclusive selling window, its target audience was identified as ‘fit-for-lifers’ –those who genuinely engage in being active as opposed to those who wear active-wear to brunch.

As a proven channel for driving brand awareness, Athlete’s Foot wanted to connect with this audience via television but its agency Initiative was concerned about the high cost of TV placements being a barrier to reaching the audience at scale within a budget of less than $300,000.

Through its specialised programmatic team, Cadreon, Initiative leveraged TubeMogul’s programmatic TV solution in order to drive an efficient use of budget.

The challenge

  • The Athlete’s Foot traditional TV strategy mandated presence in costly primetime programming and live sport
  • Younger audiences are consuming less traditional TV
  • TV rates were inflating while the client’s budget was challenged

The Solution

TubeMogul’s Programmatic TV (PTV) product used Nielsen Consumer and Media View (CMV) data to create a custom ‘fit-for-life’ segment of individuals who had participated in, watched or attended AFL, Rugby Union, NRL, Soccer, Cricket, Golf or Surfing in the previous 12 months. The TV viewing behaviour of this audience was then identified across all channels and day-parts using TubeMogul’s OzTAM and CMV fused data set.

The PTV solution married these with rates from the broadcasters to benchmark The Athlete’s Foot historical CPM against this more specific and defined audience and propose a new schedule, which would be more efficient than the historical CPM while still respecting The Athlete Foot’s requirements of national coverage and minimum delivery in peak programming.

Once live, daily delivery was monitored against the strategic audience target and optimisations were made to the spot schedule on the fly, to ensure the campaign met its delivery objectives.


The data-driven approach provided a new lens with which to value TV spots and significantly increased the chances of connecting with the right audience and decreased wastage by more than 23% from the standard TV buying demo of males 25-54.

The campaign delivered 14% higher delivery against target audience, an improvement on historical CPM by 25% as well as coverage in peak programming including the AFL.

The campaign also impacted a number of brand metrics positively (43% higher brand awareness compared to standard metro TV) but ultimately The Athlete’s Foot saw a 32.7% increase in sales year on year.

Caroline Squire, head of marketing at The Athlete’s Foot said: “Eliminating wastage in our media spend to ensure we are targeting customers with the highest propensity to cross our lease line is a critical part of delivering value to our brand and our franchisees. The performance and flexibility of Initiative’s solution delivered on this objective, along with giving us greater insights into the media habits of our customers.”

The campaign is up for Best Use of A Small Budget (up to $300k) at the MFA Awards next week.

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