Campaign: WHIMN Offers A Magnum For Your Mispronunciations

Campaign: WHIMN Offers A Magnum For Your Mispronunciations

Full service agency The Misfits was recently engaged by News Corp Australia to help reposition and hero its home for Australian women – with her in mind.

The Misfits have debuted a phased campaign to reposition the brand and increase both awareness and advocacy for the channel through the narrative of pronunciation comparisons with words that are challenging to the English vocabulary.

The main issue with WHIMN, is people when pronouncing it: it’s women!

Everything done at is ‘with her in mind’. Its mission is informing, entertaining and inspiring women with great writing and video content. With an aim to make its readers laugh, learn about the world and love their lives, wants to be Australian women’s fabulous friend who always has fascinating stories to share and who will give you a much-needed chuckle every day.

In order to source its video content for the campaign, The Misfits turned to’s own audience and set them the challenge to confess their sins when they’ve mangled the pronunciation of hard to say brands – think Hermes, Moet and Manolo Blahnik.

The Misfits insight being some of the most engaging brands are the hardest to pronounce and that some of the most glamorous things and places in the world are the hardest to say.

The challenge is live now so get yourself in the running for a magnum of Moet by clicking here right now!

Once this phase is over, The Misfits will produce a branded content series from the entrants with the most flair for mispronunciations and the finer things in life.


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