BMF Unveils New Brand Positioning For ALDI With ‘Good Different’

BMF Unveils New Brand Positioning For ALDI With ‘Good Different’

ALDI Australia has launched its new brand positioning with a campaign that celebrates its differences via BMF.

The new company positioning, ‘Good Different’, encapsulates ALDI’s business model and will ensure the brand continues to distinguish itself from competitors as it expands in Australia.

‘Good Different’ isn’t just a new tagline for ALDI Australia, it sums up ALDI’s philosophy and approach. It’s what has made ALDI different and will continue to make them different. ALDI isn’t like other supermarkets, from its business model, product offering, supplier relationships to its shopping experience.

Stephen McArdle, BMF Managing Director added, “ALDI has always been a very different proposition to the big two, and for a long time that felt like a barrier to the brand becoming part of Australian’s weekly shopping routine.

“But in truth, it’s these quirks and differences that make ALDI a brilliantly refreshing antidote to the Colesworth duopoly. Most shoppers have now realised this and we’re shouting it from the rooftops with a voice as’Good Different’ as the shopping experience itself, so the rest of Australia can come join them.”

Alex Derwin, BMF creative director explained: “People already know that ALDI has the lowest prices, but there is a whole treasure trove of interesting things they don’t know.

“‘Good Different’ works because it comes straight from the brand’s DNA – it’s evident in ALDI’s business model, the way they source products, and the way they treat their staff and suppliers. Creatively it shows a brand that’s confident in its own skin. They have a personality, a point of view, and plenty of interesting things to say.”

An ALDI Australia spokesperson said, “Australians already know that ALDI has the lowest prices. Now we want to help them understand how. The truth is that we are able to offer the lowest prices because our business DNA is fundamentally different to our competitors.

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