Big Mobile Launches ‘Creative Impact’ To Keep Creativity At Heart Of Mobile Advertising

Big Mobile Launches ‘Creative Impact’ To Keep Creativity At Heart Of Mobile Advertising

Mobile specialists Big Mobile has today kicked off ‘Creative Impact’, a venture that aims to better create mobile products and capabilities that zone in on advertisers and ensure better quality experiences.

Aussies spend almost 35 hours per month browsing mobile web and apps on their smartphones, according to an IAB and Nielson mobile ratings report, and users and advertisers are both on the bandwagon calling for better brand experiences on mobile.

“The industry has been understandably focused in the last 12 months on developing infrastructure that delivers mobile advertising efficiently,” Big Mobile group COE and partner Graham Christie said.

“But at the heart of good advertising you won’t find technology, you’ll find creativity that engages, and it’s this creativity that’s ironically all too often an afterthought during the process.”

‘Creative Impact’ sees the company align three key areas. The formation of Big Mobile Studios sees the establishment of UX and Design teams applying creative principles curated from over 3000 mobile HTML5 rich media campaigns.

Secondly, the company has produced a new suite of rich media ad products they focus purely on blending brand engagement with high viewability and brand safety. The company has also ensured these capabilities are given scale through its Publisher Certification Program, which is powered by ad tech partner Sizmek.

“In 2015, much was said about ineffective advertising, banner blindness, and ad-blocking,” Christie added. “Essentially, both industry and end-users need fewer but better ads that communicate well. We’ve done the hard work to deliver this, and at scale.”

The new products and services are available across APAC markets including Australia, NZ, Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

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