Barry Hall Opens Up On “Vulgar” Comment That Saw Him Sacked By Triple M

Barry Hall Opens Up On “Vulgar” Comment That Saw Him Sacked By Triple M

Former AFL commentator and Sydney Swans legend Barry Hall has spoken out about the inappropriate comment that saw him lose his job at Triple M, saying he’s learnt his lesson “the hard way”.

Hall was sacked from Triple M in June after making a vile remark about the impending birth of co-commentator Leigh Montagna’s wife during a pre-game AFL panel, insinuating the doctor acted in a sexually inappropriate way to induce labour for Erinn Montagna.

Speaking on Nine’s 60 Minutes last night, Hall said he, his wife Lauren Brandt and their one-year-old son Miller have been subjected to a plethora of abuse and violent threats as a result.

“[They were] basically saying that I was a pig and [Lauren] deserves me and all that stuff… that my son’s ugly… I’m not just talking about harmful words, I’m talking about physical stuff,” he said.

“It’s a pack mentality, really. They just lay the boots in… it’s a form of bullying.”

Hall explained that he says “crude stuff” like the comment about Montagna’s wife “more to get people laughing” and “not to be degrading to women or inappropriate”.

“I sort of understand now after the ramifications of what happened that shouldn’t certainly be on air,” he said.

“The thing is, as I’ve said, we’ve got no income now, and there’s no real light at the end of the tunnel of when that will change or when that will be.”

Hall said he went away and educated himself on why the comment was “vulgar” and degrading towards women, noting that he probably won’t be approached for another gig for at least two to three years.

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