Simon Lane 1

I help businesses win and keep key B2B clients by harnessing and amplifying the power of their value propositions. I show companies how to demonstrate that their solutions will make more money than the next best alternative I have extensive experience in sales and marketing, notably as a senior sales and marketing leader with global IT brand, Fuji Xerox. I have led strategic sales teams and business units to success, and in my role as CMO directed all elements of the B2B marketing mix, from solution development through lead generation and on to sale, driven by an innate desire to maximise customer outcomes. I work to help businesses grow, and I have a proven ability to fix under performing business units, while at the same time ensuring an enterprise is fit for its next stage of growth. Our technology solution is used by some of the world's biggest companies, including GE, Owens-Corning and Phillips. Experience: Value Proposition, Strategy, Digital, Data, Content, Lead Generation, Customer Insights, Research, Customer Experience, Industry Marketing, Enterprise Marketing, Software Development, Product Management, Services Marketing, Pricing, PR, Marcomm, Advertising, Issues Management, Change Leadership, Sustainability Marketing, Incentives, Sponsorship Marketing, Sales Management, B2B Industry/Domain Expertise: IT, Software, Services, Technology, BPO, Outsourcing, Manufacturing, Construction, Enterprise, Government, Education, Franchising, Printing, Publishing.
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