Aussie Agency Launches New Cloud-Based Direct Mail With Salesforce

Aussie Agency Launches New Cloud-Based Direct Mail With Salesforce

Melbourne digital marketing agency, Digital Logic Marketing Solutions, has put direct mail back on the table with the launch of an integrated cloud based direct mail solution.

Integrating directly with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Printid lets marketers run their direct mail campaigns straight from the desktop, fully automated and integrated with all of their digital campaigns.

Launched at Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connections in Indianapolis in September 2014, Printid has turned digital marketing on its head and breathes new life into what was once considered an old medium.

“The market has been waiting for a solution that fully integrates the offline and online worlds, allowing them to complete the customer journey seamlessly in campaigns. Printid is that solution,” says Terry Messervy, commercial director at Digital Logic

Targeted at medium sized to large corporates, Printid offers significant commercial advantages to marketers who are struggling with the cost of direct mail while lacking strong response rates from their digital campaigns.

Printid integrates these two worlds into one platform, only defaulting to direct mail where digital details are unavailable or when digital channels fail to yield a response.

This is all done automatically and securely from the one marketing cloud platform. The result is significant reductions in marketing expenditure but with far greater campaign reach due to direct mail’s traditionally strong response rate.

Lisa Stark, sales and marketing director at Digital Logic explains, “Most savvy decision makers appreciate the value of direct mail, but it is traditionally an expensive choice, requiring a great deal of effort to coordinate and manage within campaigns.

“Printid integrates this vital channel into the digital world, providing flexibility, selective application to optimise impact and return on investment. Drawing on a single view of customer developed through integration with any data source, campaigns can be deployed in minutes, straight to print.

“Marketers can simply drag and drop content, including images and text, creating totally personalised, one-to-one marketing messages based on customer behavior and preferences.”

Printid’s Australian launch takes place today at Salesforce Connect 2014 in Sydney.

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