Aunt Flo Is A Woman About Town In A Hilarious New HelloFlo Ad

Aunt Flo Is A Woman About Town In A Hilarious New HelloFlo Ad

Women everywhere will have a good chuckle today when they catch wind of this hilarious new clip from HelloFlo, the US feminine hygiene brand renowned for clever clips like Camp Gyno and First Moon Party.

Taking the universal code for ‘I have my period’ – the phrase ‘Aunt Flo is in town’ – they’ve created a new long spot with a host of creatives, with a healthy dose of product placement that kicks off HelloFlo’s year-long partnerships with U by Kotex and Poise.

Instead of the usual women wearing white doing fantastically energetic activities, the ad goes a bit broader, featuring a girl waiting to get her first period, a woman farewelling Flo and a couple freaking out because Aunt Flo is late to the party.

The clip amusingly finishes with Aunt Flo showing up to interrupt what would otherwise be a heated romp in the back of a car, much to the dismay of the couple.

“My goal is to show and normalize the confusing stuff, too,” Naama Bloom, founder of HelloFlo, told Adweek.

“One of our most popular articles is about vaginal discharge! This spot is definitely ambitious for us, as we’ve used these vignettes to showcase transitions in women’s lives.”

Client: HelloFlo
Director: Max Sherman
Copywriters: Jacob Greer, Chris Murphy
Art Director: Denver Eastman
Production Company: OPC
Producer: Isil Gilderdale
Executive Producers: Harland Weiss, Donovan M. Boden, Liz Dussault
Director of Photography: Rob Scarborough
Production Designer: Zazu Meyers
Casting: Mann Casting, Wulf Casting
Editor: Melanie Hider, Saints Editorial
Audio: Grayson Matthews
Post: The Vanity

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