AppNexus Launches Streaming Data In Limited Availability

AppNexus Launches Streaming Data In Limited Availability

AppNexus today placed its Streaming Data feature in limited availability. Available to both buyers and sellers, Streaming Data empowers AppNexus customers to access campaign data in real time, a radical departure from batch data processing that has to date been the industry norm.

The feature is especially essential to marketers in the age of the programmable internet, with its high degree of consumer customisation, and reinforces AppNexus’ focus on “programmable advertising” as a new industry category.

“Batch data processing was adequate in the age of the programmatic internet,” said Andrew Eifler, VP of product management for AppNexus’ Advertiser Technology Group.

“But it doesn’t work for the programmable internet, which is highly customized and dynamic. Streaming Data allows advertisers to react to campaign performance moment-by-moment, rather than hour-by-hour. We believe it’s the new table stakes, and any platform that doesn’t power this capability is in danger of falling behind the curve.”

Whereas batch data processing requires that marketers and publishers wait a period of hours to see campaign results, with Streaming Data, results on 70 per cent of served impressions arrive in less than 10 seconds, while results on 90 per cent of served impressions arrive within 30 seconds.

Using AppNexus’ Streaming Data feature, marketers will be able to determine whether their budgets are reaching the right sites or targeting the right audience segments. In real time, they can redirect ad spend to other platforms, devices and formats. By gathering continual, event-based data, they can derive statistical correlations and build “closed feedback loops” that recalibrate campaigns in the moment.

“Batch data processing is built for the programmatic internet of static websites and email,” Eifler continued.

“But the programmable internet, with its vast network of interconnected consumers and devices, and its dynamic and customisable user experience, demands a real-time decision engine. Streaming Data is foundational to that purpose.”


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