Apple’s New Computer Could Cost You $85k. Here’s How

Apple’s New Computer Could Cost You $85k. Here’s How

Apple has never been a bargain option, but its latest computer could be the most expensive product to date.

The company released the new Mac Pro overnight, which pundits have pointed out could set users back a tick over $85,000.

That’s not including a monitor.

To be clear, this hefty price tag is far from the starting price. The Apple website shows the starting price for the Tower option at $9,999, while the soon to arrive Rack is slightly more at $10,749.

But the price starts to climb up dramatically when you upgrade the storage, graphics, memory, processor and software.

Additionally, there is also the option to purchase wheels to move the machine around, which retail for $US400.

As the ‘Pro’ option, the new computer is just that. The target market is animators, game developers, scientists, music engineers, filmmakers and designers – people who need powerful machines to get through their work.

But this hasn’t stopped social media users from pointing out just how expensive this computer is.

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