Apple The Most Trusted Tech Giant: Study


While many have questioned Apple’s recent move into financial services, it appears the iPhone-maker at least has the backing of the public.

A recent study by workplace social network Blind found Apple to be the most trusted tech giant when it comes to sharing financial data.

The research, which surveyed 4,032 professionals, found 44.45 per cent of people were willing to share their personal banking details with Apple, compared to Google (34.03 per cent), Amazon (17.35 per cent), Facebook (2.17 per cent) and Uber (2.00 per cent).

It also asked the respondents to compare their trust for traditional banks and big tech companies.

And despite these tech companies each continuing to grow their financial services presence, the research shows traditional banks are still the preferred option.

Overall, 62 per cent of people said the banks are more trustworthy than big tech companies.

Interestingly, Blind also managed to survey employees at these tech companies.

Again, Apple employees had the most trust in their own company, with 91 per cent listing Apple as their preferred tech giant for sharing financial data with.

Google was next with 77.6 per cent, followed by Amazon, which had 46.7 per cent.

Uber and Facebook were again the least trusted, even among employees, with 16.67 per cent and 21.78 per cent respectively.


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