Anh’s Brush With Fame’s Major Fail Leaves Viewers Baffled

Anh’s Brush With Fame’s Major Fail Leaves Viewers Baffled

Popular ABC series Anh’s Brush with Fame has left viewers questioning the authenticity of the show after a major continuity fail was spotted on Wednesday night’s episode.

Anh Doh painted celebrity chef Kylie Kwong live while simultaneously conducting a powerful and emotional interview.

At the end of the show, the portrait was revealed to Kwong and it left fans of the show baffled because the painting featured Kwong sporting square glasses when throughout her sitting she was wearing round ones.

The entire premise of the show is that Doh paints his interview subject during a single sitting.

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The “fail” was noticed by keen-eyed viewers who took to Twitter to air their confusion.

One person wrote: “[I’m] so confused by what happened to her glasses.’

Another said: “What happened with Kylie Kwong’s glasses between interview and portrait? Square on painting, round on face.”

TV Blackbox pointed out an image by photographer Toby Burrows taken in 2012 also features Kwong wearing square glasses.

An ABC spokesperson said Doh’s painting sessions take place over a few hours on a closed set and sometimes photos are used to help Doh ensure subjects feel relaxed, allowing them to properly talk.

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