Airtasker Launches ‘Like A Boss’ Campaign Sequel (Featuring A ‘Proper Wizard’)

Airtasker Launches ‘Like A Boss’ Campaign Sequel (Featuring A ‘Proper Wizard’)

Outsourcing specialists Airtasker has unveiled its second major advertising campaign which tackles the misconception that Australians don’t have a long list of tasks to get done.

Teaming up with creative agency UDKU, the campaign – entitled ‘To do, to da’ – was based on the insight that while 51 per cent of survey respondents said they didn’t have anything that needed doing via Airtasker, every single respondent did in fact have tasks they wanted to cross off their list.

From fixing a leaky tap to cleaning windows and sorting a pile of clothes, the campaign looks to highlight the tasks which might not be at the top of the priority list but can affect Australians sense of wellbeing and empowerment.

The tongue-in-cheek campaign features ‘proper wizard Wesley Hardcastle,’ who uses Airtaskers to perform a variety of tasks before a party, including repairing a broken statue, building a poolside bar and setting up stereo equipment.

Airtasker’s brand marketing manager, Alexandra Aguirre Tully, said the campaign builds on the company’s ‘Like A Boss’ campaign, which focused on some of its more popular tasks like furniture assembly and removals.

“What sets Airtasker apart is the sheer variety of tasks you can get done, and increasingly, we’re seeing a growing demand for help with smaller day to day jobs,” she said.

“If there’s something on your to-do list, someone on Airtasker is has the skills do it for you.

“The challenge for us is helping Australians recognise the tasks that are taking up their time and getting them to feel okay about outsourcing to someone who’s happy to do it for them.”

UDKU creative director Andrew Ostrom said the challenge was to create a campaign that reflects the growing spectrum of tasks on the platform.

“Building on the success of our launch campaign, the team wanted to pivot from single tasks to multiple tasks,” he said.

“We all have a bunch of things around the home that need doing – a ‘to do’ list that has circled around in our heads that we never really get to.

“In this campaign, Wesley Hardcastle, proper wizard, demonstrates the magic of Airtasker. You essentially use the app to tell somebody the things you need doing and then the next minute, somebody appears to do them. The idea ‘To do, ta-da’ was born.”

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