Adobe Sneaks Into Mind-Bending AI Developments

Adobe Sneaks Into Mind-Bending AI Developments

Last week Adobe held its annual creativity conference Max in Las Vegas. B&T was on hand to witness the event which was so awesome it saw the company’s share price soar nearly 15 per cent on the back of its prowess.

One of the key drivers of investors’ enthusiasm for the company was the sheer volume of product it announced over the three days. However the company is far from done when it comes to inventing staggeringly clever tech to help designers and marketers alike.

One of its most popular sessions is its Sneaks presentation in which they allow ten or more of its tech boffins out of the labs and onto the main stage to show off the projects they have been working on.

Depending on the audience’s reaction to the products, 12,000 attendees were at Max this year, some, none or all of the developmental features may or may not be adopted into future versions of the Adobe Creative Cloud.

This year, Adobe’s investment in its artificial intelligence engine Sensei was never more apparent with almost all of the sneaks featuring an element of machine learning to make once complex design tasks automated and the impossible a mere click or two away.

Check out the below videos and prepare to have your mind blown.










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