Adelaide Uni In Strife For ‘Mansplaining’ Billboard

Adelaide Uni In Strife For ‘Mansplaining’ Billboard

The University of Adelaide is distancing itself from an outdoor campaign that has been accused of ‘mansplaining’ after if featured a young chap apparently explaining something to five of his fellow students.

The ad appeared on hoardings outside the old Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) and featured the image and the university’s logo.


‘Mansplaining’ is now a widely used term to refer to a man explaining something to a woman in a way that is considered patronising, condescending or didn’t need explaining in the first place.

But uni bosses have quickly distanced themselves from the ad, saying it was erected by a government department known as Renewal SA and did not depict actual students at the university.

A spokesperson for the university saying: “The photo in question on the Renewal SA hoarding is not a university image. It was not supplied by us. It was not approved by us. The people depicted in that photo are not university people.”

However, twitter uses were having none of it. “How was this image approved?!” asked one, while another added: “It was a room of men who came up with that ad.”

While another said: “How do you know it is a man? How can you decide gender by appearance?”

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