The Hat Tip

The Hat Tip

Another week is rapidly closing in on us, which means it’s time for the Friday Hat Tip of oddities from online, courtesy of Hardhat Digital.

This week’s dose of the weird, wacky and wonderful from the worldwide web includes a selection of words with inspired meanings from other languages that really should exist in English too, tips on how being an introvert or extrovert impacts on your career, and the top 10 ‘shocking secrets of flight attendants’. And let’s not forget – the 10 best automotive print ads of all time.

Got the ‘gigils’? Find out what we’re going on about on this list of 25 handy words that don’t exist in English – yet.

Are you an introvert, an extrovert, or an ambivert? Find out more about the three character traits.

So, what are flight attendants’ biggest secrets? The Week exposes the top 10.

Next up, what does it sound like when animals talk in caps? And take a step back in time to discover the 10 best automotive print ads of all time.

The NYC Grid website has taken a different step back in time, demonstrating the surprising similarities between the Big Apple today compared to 100 years ago.

Ever wondered what it’s like to be an undercover copAnd check out this record breaking 11-storey Lego tower.

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