The Hat Tip

The Hat Tip

It's Friday, so time to get a weekly dose of the Hat Tip courtesy of Hardhat Digital. This week’s installment includes a look at some unhealthy hybrid fast foods, 50 years of flight attendant fashion, while find out why bottled water is so expensive.

The 11 best things you can control in your home using your smartphone.

The ‘cronut burger’ is our pick. Insanely unhealthy hybrid fast foods.

The Rap Board features over 200 grunts, groans, laughs and catch cries from your favourite rap stars. Yezzir!

Why bottled water is so expensive.

The entire history of the world in a single infographic.

See how you go on this recently uncovered 8th grade test from 1912. We failed miserably.

These photos capture the single greatest moment of people’s lives.

50 years of flight attendant fashion.

Ever wondered how much that meeting actually cost? Prepare to be horrified.

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