OOH audiences on the rise

OOH audiences on the rise

Out-of-home advertising audiences continue to rise with the latest MOVE (measurement of outdoor visibility and exposure) update suggesting audiences have increased 3.6% in the past year.

Australians are now likely to see an average of 26 outdoor advertising faces each day, up from 25 in 2013, according to MOVE.

Daily contact with these various advertising faces has also increased by 14 million, now standing at 400 million in total.

“Out-of-home demonstrates its effectiveness in reaching Australians at a time when traditional media is reporting declines in audience and market share,” Charmaine Moldrich, CEO of MOVE, said.

“The industry continues to innovate and utilise technology to provide unique advertising opportunities for deeper audience engagement.”

Outdoor audience growth can be seen across five mainland capital cities with Perth showing the highest increase (6.8% year on year), followed by Sydney (up 4.5%), Brisbane (up 4.2%), Melbourne (up 2.1%) and Adelaide (up 1.2%).

The annual report also reflects new data in the system including changes to the transport infrastructure, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) ‘Journey to Work’ data release, MOVE member site classifications, and the ABS population update

Infographic provided by the OMA and MOVE of the annual update.

“The 2014 data update is what we call a full system update because it includes the latest 2011 ABS Census data on employment profiles for each of the 17,739 travel zones used in MOVE, as well as overall population changes,” Moldrich said.

“We also take into consideration changes in roads and service alterations to public transport.

“The latest MOVE update reflects the increase in people working in both our capital cities and locations outside the traditional business centres, meaning more Australians than ever before are being exposed to out-of-home advertising.”

The increase in audiences comes off the back of the industry’s most profitable year to date, as in January the industry posted its net revenue jumping 7.1% to $543.8 million, up from $507.5 million in 2012

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