Google eyes ‘success’ measurement for advertising

Google eyes ‘success’ measurement for advertising

Google has scored a new patent for a technology that would allow it to charge advertisers on “pay per gaze” basis.

The patent, granted last week, showed a device similar to Google Glass that registers when individuals look at an ad before charging the relevant company, and describes an eye-tracking technology which will be able to measure the success of advertising.

It’s been reported that by measuring pupil dilation the technology could also detect individuals’ 'inferred emotional state information'.

The patent reads: “Under a pay per gaze advertising scheme advertisers are charged based upon whether a user actually viewed their advertisement.

“Pay per gaze advertising need not be limited to on-line advertisements, but rather can be extended to conventional advertisement media including billboards, magazines, newspapers, and other forms of conventional print media.”

Google hopes to device can provide a method for billing advertisers based on the number of times users look at an advert.

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