Freeview corrects media reports

Freeview corrects media reports

Freeview has made the move to correct misleading reports in the media about its new FreeviewPlus service announced on Monday.

According to Freeview, there have been reports suggesting the new service does not require the FreeviewPlus certified equipment and is “seriously misleading” to the consumer.

Full statement below.

Freeview corrects misleading reports about FreeviewPlus

"Freeview today moved to correct misleading reports in the media concerning FreeviewPlus, the soon-to-be-launched service that provides access to content and services from the free-to-air networks.
Reports have suggested that TV viewers will be able to access the full FreeviewPlus offering without the need for FreeviewPlus certified equipment, which will include panel TVs, set top boxes and recording devices.
“Reports that equipment that does not carry FreeviewPlus certification will reliably deliver FreeviewPlus content and services are seriously misleading to the consumer,” Liz Ross, General Manager of Freeview, said.
“The FreeviewPlus certification process is about ensuring that TV receivers are fully tested and meet performance standards to deliver the best possible experience to viewers.
“If a consumer buys a non certified product, in other words equipment not featuring the FreeviewPlus logo, there is no guarantee of the performance of that equipment to deliver FreeviewPlus properly – or even at all,” Ms Ross said.
She said that major issues with non-certified FreeviewPlus equipment could include graphics display speeds so slow as to render the equipment virtually useless, and catch-up TV playback that is either unreliable, or not accessible.
“This is new hybrid TV technology never seen before in Australia, and we have been working very closely with manufacturers to make sure that when it is launched, FreeviewPlus will be the best TV experience Australian viewers have ever seen.
Freeview has also worked alongside retailers to ensure that their sales teams are fully conversant with the technology and the certification requirements.
“The FreeviewPlus certification process has been put in place by the free-to-air networks for a very good reason – namely to ensure consumers receive all the benefits of the new FreeviewPlus service, delivered with absolute reliability.
“Reports that FreeviewPlus certification is somehow unnecessary are irresponsible, and send an entirely misleading message to the Australian consumer,” Ms Ross said.
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