Digital Degustation

Digital Degustation

The Unseen Eyes That Watch You While You Shop

Understanding buyer behaviour: how consumers interact and move about in a store environment is literally a goldmine of data that retailers should be clamoring for.  That’s why this solution ‘Get Turn Style’ will probably do very well.  Simply, they track the anonymous signals emitted by consumers mobile devices in any given store location to track how they move about, where they hover and with which promotions and offers they engage. Simple, smart, and very powerful. 

It All Happened In A Single Second

With all the online activities we engage with all the time, it’s often easy to escape the actual size of the connected universe we participate in. Being connected makes us feel like we are always only a click away from the latest information relevant to us. That’s why this very simple little application is so cool. It’s a dynamic infographic that represents the volume of some key online activities like: video uploads and status updates.  The design is very basic, but that’s why it brings the message home. See it here

Up Next, Your Printed Lunch

3D printing is officially the coolest thing on the planet right now, it slots in right after drones and robots in space. Cornucopia is a concept 3D food printing system that uses canisters of frozen ingredients and would be able to create recipes to the letter of the order. A secondary Chef system would also be able to augment existing protein like fish or steak; adding ingredients and heating them to complete the recipe. The future is very much now.

Controlling Stress Through A Biosensing Game Controller

Combining some neuroscience smarts and gaming, the developers of PIP, a biosensory device that measures your stress levels have run a successful Kickstarter project to bring a first of a kind gaming experience that will actively reduce stress.  Connecting to your gaming device via bluetooth, the device pairs with a number of different apps and games and by altering your state of stress and arousal you can control the action on screen. 

Making Food Fun

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