Digital Degustation

Digital Degustation

Colour In a QR Code to Prove You’re a Good Tattoo Artist

QR code designs are ugly. But they’re also intricate. Bergge Tattoo utilised the latter insight to form the basis of a recruitment print ad for new tattoo artists. If a budding tattoo artist had a steady enough hand to accurately colour in a faded QR code on the ad, then the code would become scannable and the artist could access the job application page.

Ray Ban Analogue Photo Filter

Ray Ban has produced an analogue photo filter app called ‘Ambermatic’, which proves that wearing sunglasses is like wearing a real life retro filter. After you snap a photo with the app, it’s sent to the Ambermatic machine on display in the Ray Ban flagship London store. The machine then projects your photo and reshoots it through a camera positioned behind a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses. Finally the photo is sent back to you and displayed on the brand’s website.

NY Times Sells Ads Based on Trending Stories

The New York Times has launched a new ad product based on trending Twitter stories. Called ‘Sparking Stories’, the product does away with ad placement based on content targeting and allows advertisers to place ads on stories that are gaining the most traction in social media. The New York Times website is synced with the social media analytics tool, Cascade, to provide seamless and real time placement to whichever stories are being read and shared the most.

The Easy Way to Digitally Delete an Ex

You can’t always avoid bumping into exes after breaking up in the physical world, but thanks to a new app called ‘KillSwitch’ you can now do it in the digital world. Once connected to your Facebook, the app allows you to delete any mention or photo of your ex (or anyone else for that matter) in one move, making, as they say, “breakups suck less”.  

Billboard Creates Water out of Thin Air

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