Digital Degustation

Digital Degustation

Video Game Dispenses Beer

Big Boss Brewing Company in the US have developed a novel way for people to sample their beer – by arcade game. Called The Last Barfighter, the game is intended for festivals and bars. Players place their pint glass in a dispenser below screen, then battle it out in classic arcade fighter style. The winners glass is then automatically filled with Big Boss Brewing beer.

Nivea Sunny Day Alarm Clock

It’s not often that you set your alarm to get up early to go to the beach (unless you’re a surfer), but suppose you did, Nivea in Brazil have launched an alarm app to help. By synching with a local weather channel, the alarm gives the user the ability to program the alarm to only sound if the temperature is above a certain level.

Musical Toilets

Waiting in line to use the toilets at festivals isn’t fun. Not so at Argentina’s Personal Fest. To make the wait more entertaining, they’ve installed an audio-visual show on the front of seven Porta-Loo doors that only engage once the toilet becomes occupied. Like a sampling machine, each toilet makes up a different component of an overall tune. Once seven toilets are occupied, the tune becomes complete.

Send Your HeartBeat for Valentine’s Day

Just in case regular Valentine’s Day cards aren’t heartfelt enough, Rebtel, a mobile/web telecommunications company in Sweden, have built an app that lets you record and send your very own heartbeat. Place your finger over your phone’s camera, and the app measures your heart rate by detecting subtle changes in colour. Your beating heart is then animated and ready to be sent to your lover. 

Brands Can Now Monitor for Image Mentions

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