Digital Degustation

Digital Degustation

San Francisco Lose Super Bowl but Win Pudding

Shortly after losing the Super Bowl, San Franciscans were notified of a mass pudding drop orchestrated by JELL-O in order to lift the town’s spirits. A humorous video explained the drop and directed people to a microsite where they could receive information on the drop zones and coupons. To further lift spirits, the site also offered the Baltimore blocker – a chrome app that automatically censors any page you’re viewing that mentions the Raven’s win.

QR Codes Set In Stone

The city of Rio de Janeiro has laid the first of thirty QR codes in stone pavers along famous tourist destinations such as Ipanema Beach. Resembling mosaics, the codes provide historical information about their destinations when scanned and are perhaps the first QR codes to look aesthetically pleasing. Whether they suffer the same fate as most QR codes (little to no consumer use) is yet to be determined.

New York Times Launches Start Up Program

The New York Times are the next to join the increasingly long list of companies to offer in-house start-up programs to bolster their own innovation. Called Timespace, the program (like others) swaps desk space, mentorship and investment opportunity, for access to the minds of early stage media entrepreneurs.

Cadbury Allows You To Personalise Chocolate

Naked and Cadbury in the UK have given us a new reason to buy more chocolate – because it’s personalised. Called Joyville Made, the service allows users to personalise the famous purple wrapper by renaming it and adding messages and images before sending the bespoke chocolate to a friend.

Bang With Friends, Professionals and More

Bang With Friends is the latest in a slew of controversial apps that seem to be launching this year. The service is simple. Connect your Facebook account to the web app, select the friends you’d be “down to bang” and if they’re using the app and have marked you in the same manner, then both parties are notified. A LinkedIn spin off, Bang With Professionals, has also popped up, as well as a more subtle Facebook version, Would Love 2, which replaces ‘bang’ with ‘date’.

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