Anti-FBT changes campaign kicks off

Anti-FBT changes campaign kicks off

The automotive and salary packaging industry unleashed its assault against the Labor Party’s changes to the Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) last night with a multi-million dollar advertising campaign.

Leigh Penberthy, president of the Australian Salary Packing Industry Association (ASPIA), told B&T last week that the aim is to “create an up swell of unrest that this is just not right”.

The $10m ‘Who’s next?’ campaign includes television, a website, print and social media activities.

The television ad says the “knock on effects means everyone loses”: “hundreds of jobs lost thousands more at risk. 80,0000 charity workers driving vechiles will be affected. Costs will rise, services will suffer.”

In a release announcing the campaign launch, Penberthy said: “People understand that there are knock-on effects resulting from this $1.8 bn tax grab that has clearly not been appropriately analysed or thought through by the Federal Government. This has already cost many jobs and will continue to have a negative impact on our economy.”

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