6 Campaigns That Will Make You Poop Your Pants

6 Campaigns That Will Make You Poop Your Pants

Aside from it being scary that it’s now October and that Christmas is in less than 84 days, it’s also the month of Halloween.

While us Aussies might not be as enthusiastic about the opportunity to munch candy and dress up as our friends in the States, here are six campaigns that will get you in the mood for a fright.

1. Chainsaw wielding clown

Amusement park Canada’s Wonderland pulled off the epitome of nightmares for its Halloween Haunt; a murdering clown with a chainsaw. The video was uploaded yesterday. Good luck getting to sleep tonight after you watch it:


2. Kellogg’s Scares Vendor

Introducing its new treat last year, Kellogg’s Rice Krispies created #ScaresVendor. Reach into the vending machine and risk having a gnarled blue hand grab you. Would you go back for you free goodie after that?

3. Elevator floor falling away

In 2012 LG wanted to see how lifelike its new monitors were. So they put them to the test in an elevator in the UK.

4. Chucky’s back

When the murdering, overall-clad ranga doll turned up on screens in 1988 it scared the shit out of people. He’s back in this promotional prank below.

5. The missing corpse

To promote its new channel, ad agency AGE Isobar in Brazil played a little elevator prank. The screen inside the lift displayed a notice about a missing corpse. A few minutes later someone familiar-looking showed up. Once people calmed down and changed their pants, the promotional message appeared.

6. The Devil baby

And who could forget this devil baby who shocked all that dared go see if a crying infant was okay.


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