Yummy Mummies Continues To Give Seven A Bad Dose Of Morning Sickness

Yummy Mummies Continues To Give Seven A Bad Dose Of Morning Sickness

Yummy Mummies continues to prove a dead weight for Seven, while network bosses must now be seriously thinking of culling the reality show featuring bratty mums-to-be.

Last night Yummy Mummies could only muster 289,000 viewers according to OzTam viewer numbers, which is a 41 per cent decrease since the show debuted 10 days ago.

The show was recently panned as the “worst new show on Australian TV” with one reviewer describing it as “A triumph of fabricated, contrived, vapid, vacuous, pointless tripe. It’s beyond ‘so bad it’s good’. It’s just plain bad.”

B&T contacted Seven over the show’s poor ratings and immediate future, however, the network declined to make any comment.

The problem for Seven and Yummy Mummies is there’s simply better shows on the rival networks and its audience numbers are plummeting. The network was embarrassingly forced to postpone Sunday’s debut of Little Big Shots for fear it would be mauled by Nine’s all-conquering Australian Ninja Warrior.

Ninja ruled again last night pulling in 1.57 million viewers. Ten’s MasterChef – now in the finals stages – pulled in 828,00 viewers.

Seven’s news, as always, did well with 1.07 million, however, it was all down hill from there for the broadcaster. Home and Away managed 701,000, The Chase pulled 646,000, Behave Yourself had 343,000 and Yummy Mummies managed only 289,000. Ramsay’s Hotel Hell was just 245,000.

Nine network won Tuesday with 36.2 per cent then Seven 21.4 per cent, Ten had 20.3 per cent, ABC with 14.5 per cent and SBS 7.6 per cent.

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