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“You Can’t Nazi It!”: Amazon Called Out For Fatal Design Flaw In New Logo

“You Can’t Nazi It!”: Amazon Called Out For Fatal Design Flaw In New Logo

Amazon’s new iOS app has been applauded for its unique, creative design. Twitter users, however, have pointed out an unfortunate similarity between the app’s design and one of history’s most hated figures.

The retail giant’s new app is a refreshing change from the standard white-background-colourful-logo à la Google or YouTube. Amazon’s fresh design is a cheeky reimagining of their functional but iconic cardboard boxes, which come printed with the trademark “Amazon smile”.

Initially a blue shopping trolley and Amazon logo on a white background, the new design boldly chooses a beige background with an Amazon smile and blue shipping tape acting as a moustache.

Amazon deserves creativity points for transforming a brown shipping box into an instantly recognisable, creative app. However, despite praise from sites like The Verge, some have spotted a potential design flaw.

Twitter users have pointed out that the blue tape moustache on the logo bears a not-insignificant resemblance to Adolf Hitler’s.



The Sun newspaper went so far as to report on the gaff with the headline “YOU CAN’T NAZI IT!”

In a slightly less damning comparison, other Twitter users have said the app icon looks like the character Aang from Nickelodeon’s hit cartoon series Avatar.


While the new logo has hit UK and American iOS stores, Australian users will still find the moustache-free version on their phones. It remains to be seen whether Amazon will alter the new design.


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