Yahoo7 Uncovers Best Ad Formula For E-Commerce Brands

Yahoo7 Uncovers Best Ad Formula For E-Commerce Brands

New research from Yahoo7 has revealed that native advertising is the strongest ad formula for E-Commerce brands when looking at the five stages of purchase.

The company’s latest Insight Series report, The RomCom of E-Comm, investigated several digital ad formats to indicate the most effective formula for success in the marketing objectives across the five stages of purchase for e-commerce brands – trigger, awareness, consideration, loyalty and advocacy – and found that native advertising (combining native display and sponsored content) over-indexed in four out of the five key stages when compared to other ad formats.

The report also investigated the role of other advertising mediums, revealing that TV and online are the only two mediums consistently over-performing through all stages when it comes to Aussie purchasing habits.

Insights Series graph (Yahoo7)

Yahoo7 commercial director Paul Sigaloff said the report provides both brands and advertisers with a unique understanding of the most effective ad formats to achieve campaign objectives.

“Our partners can use these insights to strategically select and leverage the best mediums to deliver a strong return on investment,” he said.

“Native has only been around for a few years and it has already completely re-written the advertising playbook. For Yahoo7, native represents an exciting opportunity. The format is accountable for one third of our revenue and we only see this opportunity growing in the future.”

The research also found that in an average week, two in three e-commerce consumers browse items online, of which 56 per cent convert to a purchase.

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