Worth A Thousand Words: Using The Right Imagery During Covid-19

Worth A Thousand Words: Using The Right Imagery During Covid-19

We’re all adjusting to a new way of living and while it’s challenging, it’s also created an interesting visual dilemma: how do we visually represent the times in which we are living?

Due to social distancing rules, most prospective photo shoots have been cancelled. You may be wondering what this means for your campaigns, marketing strategy, or any new creative content you need.

The good news is all of your projects don’t need to come to a standstill. People want to hear from brands. They want to stay connected. They want to interact in meaningful ways with the media around them. So, fear not. This is where stock imagery comes in. 

The good folk at Stocksy have been analysing, listening and responding to feedback from their global communities and have learned that there are a few key things that matter most during this period: self-care, keeping it somewhat normal, solidarity in self-isolation challenges, and support for those essential workers that are supporting us. So, with that in mind, here are five gallery collections that can help your brand build visual campaigns and elevate them with the quality, style, and realness the world needs now more than ever.

Self-care in iso 

Whether you’re introverted or extroverted, self-isolation for long enough will drive anyone up the walls. That’s why self-care is crucial. Whether that looks like videos of skincare face masks, taking up a painting project, or getting on some kind of wellness program/health kick, people are looking for ways to release some endorphins and reconnect to the inner good vibes. When visually representing self-care in iso, have a think about online fitness in your pjs, or stretching at home with some adorable pets thrown in for good measure. 

Check out the self-care gallery here

Getting busy in the kitchen 

Yeast, flour and all the baking essentials have been flying off the shelves across the nation. It appears Aussies are reuniting with the kitchen while in isolation. And, as everyone stuck at home attempts to unleash their inner Jamie Oliver/Nigella Lawson, it is the perfect time to showcase cooking stock photos of getting messy and having a good time in the kitchen.

Check out some seriously cosy food vibes here.

Working from the comfort of your own home 

It goes without saying that most people are working from home (WFH) these days and there are a lot of new elements that interplay with familiar laptop stock photos: balancing children’s ever-present needs, sharing a small space with a partner, trying to create a makeshift home office in your already busy kitchen, or being stuck in a small space alone and having zero personal boundaries to name a few. But there’s no commute, the snacks are good, and the office attire can be a serious plus if you have your Zoom background on lock.

See the WFH gallery here

Isolating together, not apart 

While some of us are isolating alone, others are isolating together. A contradictory statement yes, but there are plenty of us out there who are isolating alongside a partner, a spouse, the entire family, or perhaps with friends, riding out the COVID-19 wave together. From images of learning a new instrument together to chilling out playing video games to DIY projects and selfies with the cat, visual imagery can certainly help remind us all that we’re in this together.

Check out the gallery here

The essential workers

What would we do without our essential workers? Now, we’re not just talking doctors and nurses. We’re talking about all the people putting themselves out there to keep our lives running. From delivery drivers to grocery workers, cleaners, police, social workers and more, visual media can help draw attention to these essential workers and thank them for their hard work. 

Have a look at the full gallery here

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