MediaCom Reveals The Birth Of Its One MediaCom Name, Sanléno

MediaCom Reveals The Birth Of Its One MediaCom Name, Sanléno

There’s nothing like bringing the gang together, away from the familiar surrounds of the office, to reinvigorate and inspire the workforce.

And that’s why every year, over two days, MediaCom’s Behaviours Day trades the office for the outdoors with its teams from Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Auckland putting their heads together to contribute to the company vision for the year ahead.


It’s all in the name of developing a better working environment. With fresh air comes a fresh perspective and after a boisterous and challenging couple of days staff walk away with a greater knowledge of the wider business direction and a stronger connection to teammates.

“Behaviours Day brings together everyone and everything that makes MediaCom special. I love that it gives our team the opportunity to not only build the culture but also to ‘be’ the culture. It’s amazing to see the scale of our business when gathered and how diverse our people and capabilities are,” MediaCom Australia CEO Willie Pang (pictured above, centre) said.

For 2018’s instalment of Behaviours Day, MediaCom whisked its teams to a secret location to celebrate diversity through the Festival of Sanléno. But what is Sanléno? Well the MediaCom family is made up of people from 22 nationalities who speak 27 languages. In fact, 20 per cent of its staff grew up rurally and to top it all off, there’s a qualified cat groomer, several lifeguards, and even an awarded beef jerky sales person among its personnel. SANLENO-186

The company genuinely wanted to find out as much about its people as possible. By putting its behaviours into practice MediaCom illustrated its team’s diversity by doing something brand new – they created their very own MediaCom Australia name. To create it, MediaCom placed everyone’s surname into a custom-built algorithm to determine the average length and most used characters. From the surnames, they determined the average length was seven characters and from the letter frequency, our unique name ‘Sanléno’ was born.

So there you have it, a company wide alter ego, which comprises a little bit of every MediaCom staff member. MediaCom salutes its Australian, English, Irish, Croatian, Canadian, Vietnamese, New Zealand, Ukrainian, Singaporean, American, Lebanese, Taiwanese, Spanish, Polish, Scottish, Indian, Argentinian, Chinese, Filipino, Maltese, Greek, and Welsh staff for contributing to Sanléno, its Australian name.

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