Women In Media Profile: Nicola Lewis

Business , Nicola Lewis poses for a portrait in Surry Hills. Lewis is being appointed to run WPP's GroupM in Australia and New Zealand.
Pic Jenny Evans

B&T believes that women should be recognised for their inspiring everyday efforts – they should be given a fair shot and a seat at the table; someone for younger, aspiring female leaders to look up to. So come one, come all, because in celebration of our annual Women in Media Awards, we’ve created a Women in Media Profile Series!

Our last inspiring profile was on none other than Imogen Hewitt, group managing director at Havas Media and one of the fabulous winners at last year’s awards.

And now it’s time for you to meet Nicola Lewis, who was recently promoted to chief investment officer at GroupM! If that’s not something to look up to, we don’t know what is.

Guiltiest pleasure?

Watching Gladiator on repeat, whilst eating Turkish delight, and drinking a bottle of Pinot Noir (I feel so guilty about these things, I’ve actually never done all three together!).

Your house is on fire (people and animals are fine). What is the one possession you would you save?

A 1950s bar I picked up on the side of the road in Sydney’s Kings Cross and lovingly restored by hand using a very small sandpaper mouse.

It was all I had at the time, and it took me days to complete, but it’s beautiful.

What profession, other than your own, would you never want to attempt?

I’m easily distracted and can lose interest easily, so I’d say an Air traffic controller… Imagine the carnage!

What profession, other than your own, would you love to attempt?

A criminal psychologist.

Another seven years of study didn’t appeal to me at the age of 21 after a university degree in social psychology.

It’s funny how your perspective changes, thinking back now, I know that seven years is just a tiny fragment of anyone’s life.

What was the best advice you were ever given?

Your career is not only the result of the hard work you put in, but of how successful those around you want you to be.

That’s why you should surround yourself with people who care about and will invest in your future.

What’s your proudest professional moment?

It would have to be my most recent promotion to chief investment officer of GroupM following a hugely challenging period of my life where I faced breast cancer.

I believe my strength of character and overall positivity towards life, not only carried me through the most challenging times, but also allowed me to emerge out the other side to continue doing what I love with a promotion to boot.

What women do you find inspiring?

My beautiful girl friends around the world – from Sydney, to London, New York and across Europe. It’s not always leaders or high-profile figures that offer the biggest inspiration.

I have been blessed with truly amazing friendships throughout my life. Each and every one of my close girl friends are strong, caring, smart, funny, driven, loving and very, very supportive.

I look up to them with equal amount of respect and admiration.

What advice would you give to young aspiring women?

Be human, respectful, honest, open and fun, but more than anything else, just be nice to others.

Why are women vital to your industry?

As with anything in society, balance is key, and women are vital to achieving this whether it’s our industry or elsewhere.

Women make men better as much as men make women better. I think that’s an undeniable truth.

B&T‘s Women in Media Awards 2018 will be held on Friday 17 August 2018 at Doltone House – Jones Bay Wharf. Grab early bird tickets to the event here and find all other info on the website




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