Women In Media Profile: Jane King

Women In Media Profile: Jane King

Today marks one week since our annual Women in Media Awards, and as our hangovers finally wear off, the last of our Women in Media Profiles have been written – because recognising the inspiring women in this industry needs to be more than an awards night.

Next up on this extremely long list is Jane King, the newly-promoted group director of marketing at Val Morgan and VMO.

Since starting her career at Ernst and Young, King has had almost two decades’ experience in marketing, working for companies including Getty Images, Adshel and APN Outdoor.

She won a Rising Star award in 2013 from the Outdoor Media Association, and The Marketing Academy  accepted her as a scholar in 2017 – which King told B&T is still one of her proudest moments to date.

“Being accepted into The Marketing Academy in 2017 was life changing for me. To be selected as one of just 30 scholars of leading marketers out of 350 was a proud moment,” she said.

“The people from this group have become close friends and formed a fantastic network as we all progress into senior leadership positions in the industry.”

To get to the position she’s in now, King said she has continually played to her strengths and interests, and advises others to keep up with industry news, as well as build and keep a strong network around them.

“Continue to learn and meet people at every opportunity you get,” she said.

“And try not to sweat the small stuff! This is easier said than done of course; however, I would have saved a lot of time and energy not worrying about the small things!

“Find a place to work where there is a real connection – culturally, intellectually and emotionally. Your gut will tell you what is right and wrong – listen to it,” King added.

King, who frequently mentors young women in the industry, added that the most exciting thing for women progressing in media is that their voices are finally being heard.

“I am lucky to work in an organisation with 64 per cent female employees and a wide range of diversity in general. There are several women in senior leadership positions and we foster internal talent and that is really exciting to me,” she said.

“We think in a unique way and like all diversity, women add another element, an alternative approach to how the workplace can work effectively.”

And for King, change in the industry is only a good thing.

“The wonderful thing about our industry, is the fact our roles are constantly changing. I started marketing when budgets were bigger and digital was in it’s infancy.

“It is a fantastic time to be in marketing because we have seen so much transformation in consumer behaviour and marketers have real opportunity to influence change in the world,” she said.


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