Who Will Win The Christmas Catalogue Battle?

Who Will Win The Christmas Catalogue Battle?

With the festive season upon us, retailers are ramping up their marketing sales campaigns through the power of catalogues. B&T takes a closer look at how some of the biggest brands are doing just that.

From Myer’s ‘Giftorium’ selling customised stocking fillers and David Jones’ bringing a more traditional Christmas to market, to Kmart’s island summer theme and ALDI’s ‘Nothing beats the perfect Aussie Christmas’ campaign, retailers are offering choice for the savvy customer.

According to the Australian Catalogue Association’s industry report for 2015-16, catalogues reach 21.8 million Australians every week, and with just over a month until Santa does his annual global gift drop, catalogue production is in full swing.

Most notably this year, retailers are partnering with online and TV to promote sales available during the critical festive season window. So, what are the retailers offering?

Myer has never been shy of the Christmas season, dedicating entire floors to its ‘Giftorium’. This year it’s offering customers the ability to personalise M&M buckets off the back of their similar and highly successful campaign last year with Nutella jars. Myer’s catalogue takes the customer on a wishful journey, asking customers to ‘Make a Wish’ and work through the pages of ‘Giftician’ offers.

Not to be underdone, David Jones is stepping up in style with a more traditional approach, offering ‘The Christmas Book’. Making a creative stand, the metallic foiled black pages offer elegance, glitter and stylish photography, building a strong brand presence and position.

david jones

Target has made a strong comeback into the catalogue sector after movement in its marketing team earlier this year. Its ‘Where Christmas comes together’ campaign appeals to the highly receptive family market, offering an enormous product range from toys to kids’ clothes, trees to table decorations, and of course, casual fashion for the summer season.

Target Christmas catalogue

Big W continues to push imagery in a new brand positioning approach with ‘Lay By until Christmas Eve’ – the only traditional front-page incentive, which is something Kmart is also driving. However, do consumers already expect this and will it be enough of an incentive to turn the page?

Kmart’s summery creative is bold and colourful across the island fashion theme oozing beach and relaxation. All those in the discount department store sector are bubbling with Christmas cheer and summer breeze.

Harris Scarfe is taking a stand with its brands campaign highlighting a strong point of difference to their Kmart rivals – ‘Everyday low prices’. Harris Scarfe has filled its pages and TVC with brand names at the best price – an appealing incentive for the brand-conscious consumer seeking value.

Who will win the much sought after supermarket race for the season? ALDI’s ‘Nothing beats the perfect Aussie Christmas’ catalogue sets the scene stylishly with ‘must haves’ and sectioned ‘meats and seafood’ and ‘sweets and treats’, building a customer journey. Coles and Woolworths pull no punches with strong ‘half price’ savings front and centre on the cover page, encouraging value hungry families that their stores will deliver the best Christmas savings. Will it be enough and how will the sales figures fair up?

ALDI Christmas catalogue

Whether using prime front page real estate with price offerings and discounts, brand positioning options or customer service incentives, catalogue season is well underway, and as we look forward, there is one thing we do know for sure – the catalogue will not disappoint.

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