Weekly Ad Round-Up: The Good, The Bad & The ‘What The Hell Were They Thinking?’

Weekly Ad Round-Up: The Good, The Bad & The ‘What The Hell Were They Thinking?’

This week it’s all about babies swearing like drunken sailers, Smirnoff vodka in trouble and super violent mexican car crashes. Here is B&T’s best, worst and, quite frankly, WTF of advertising for the week.

The good

In a recent Smart ad, we see a collection of angel-faced cherubs unleashing their foul-mouthed best on camera. Makes you wonder what the little girl who is bleeped-out said, because it must be worse than “f**king shit”. It’s a lesson for all of us to not swear in front of little ears, except that it’s super adorable when a kid swears.

The bad

The UK Advertising Standards Authority deemed this ad inappropriate because “it implied the success of the social occasion depicted was dependent on the presence of alcohol”

“We considered the ad’s presentation implied that before the visitor asked for an alcoholic drink, the bar was cold and uninviting and that once his drink had been ordered, the bar changed and became livelier and more fun.

“We therefore considered the ad implied that the success of the occasion − the night out at the bar − depended on the presence of alcohol. Consequently, we concluded the ad breached the Code.”

The ugly

When a driving ad asks what’s the worst that can happen? The answer is a lot, a lot of terrible things can happen. These four 30-second PSAs are directed by Hollywood visual effects expert Sean Broughton, who’s worked on The World Is Not Enough, the TV show Hannibal and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

These ads are disturbing so be warned:

Join us next week, for what’s turning us on and turning us off in the advertising world. If you spot an advert in need of naming and shaming, tweet us @bandt

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