Wednesday TV Wrap: No Love For Seven’s First Dates, As MAFS Hits Series High

Wednesday TV Wrap: No Love For Seven’s First Dates, As MAFS Hits Series High

Although it’s true Australian’s love shows about love – specifically failed love – it appears not all shows tickle the nation’s fancy.

While MAFS hit a series high last night with an audience of 1.178 and a peak of 1.395m, Seven’s First Dates Australian is not getting the same love, with just 373,000 views, according to OzTAM metro numbers.

The dating show debuted to 499,000 metro viewers on the 28 January, and the following week slightly increased its viewership to 502,000.

Seven is off to a slow start this rating season, with MKR (422,000 last night) still struggling to find its place amid Nine and 10’s strong content slate. However, as the adage goes, it’s a marathon and not a sprint, so there’s still time for Seven to get back in the game.

10’s best for the night was Survivor with 572,000, Seven’s Home and Away did well on 601,000, while ABC enjoyed decent numbers with Hard Quiz doing 597,000.

Here’s how the rest of the night ran.


News did 860,000, ACA did 755,000, Doctor Doctor‘s second episode did 559,000 and Hot Seat did 469,000.


Over at 10, The Project did 440,000 and 10 News First did 409,000.


News did 963,000 and The Chase did a clean 500,000.


News did 661,000 and Shaun Micallef’s Mad As Hell did 570,000.

All channels share

Nine took the crown with 31.8 per cent, Seven got silver with 25.5 per cent, 10 took third with 18.4 per cent, ABC did 15.6 per cent while SBS did 8.6 per cent.

Primary channel share

Nine did 25.5 per cent, Seven enjoyed 17.5 per cent, 10 did 11.6 per cent, ABC followed closely on 11.4 per cent and SBS did 5.0 per cent.

Demographic breakdown (all channels) 

People 25-54

  1. Nine – 33.3 per cent
  2. Seven – 26.4 per cent
  3. 10 – 22.3 per cent

People 16-39

  1. Nine – 33.1 per cent
  2. Seven –  27.0 per cent
  3. 10 – 23.7 per cent




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