Asset Management Platform Launches For TVC Producers

Asset Management Platform Launches For TVC Producers

Television commercial and content producers can now securely store and easily access their data with the launch of VisionVault Project, an online asset management and archive platform for the film and advertising industries.

VisionVault Project enables producers to store and back up valuable data and rich media files forever for a flat fee.

“VisionVault Project is an offering we have developed specifically for TVC and content producers who need fast and secure storage for their rich media files, but are juggling multiple assignments at once or are moving from project to project,” VisionVault co-founder Warwick Boulter said.

“Producers need to be able to securely store their rich media assets and move on, which is why we created VisionVault Project. For a flat fee, producers can house their rich media online and return to access it whenever they need to.”

VisionVault automatically transcodes files to web-friendly formats and sizes, so vision created for TV is immediately stored and available for use online.

VisionVault stores rushes, masters, production documents, layered graphics, raw footage, art, images and sound files with powerful metadata, keyword and search functionality.

Storing production assets securely and independently, VisionVault is a cloud system that is connected to the global Sohonet fibre loop, linking more than 400 studios, agencies and production houses worldwide.

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